This series about the least you can believe and be a Christian is more complicated than it first appears. Trying to define the items that are not a litmus test for being a Christian is harder than it appears. It’s so hard to lay aside the things long-assumed to be part and parcel of what it is to be Christian.

A Christian believes and follows an invisible, calling God. So how can we do this if it’s OK to doubt? Shouldn’t doubt be just wrong? Well, maybe, but the point is not what should be according to our modern Christian minds but what is a litmus test for Christianity according to God. Jesus didn’t tell doubting Thomas, doubt and you’re out-of-here! Instead he showed him what would relieve his doubts.

If we will come running to God, with our doubts in hand, God will heal them. First, we have to be honest with ourselves and honest with God. That’s really the only litmus test in God’s kingdom, the honesty test. We can’t grow in faith if we aren’t bought in deeply enough to allow  our ugly thoughts to come out before God.

There’s no sin too great, no words too removed, no person too clueless for God!

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