Sometimes it does seem that God makes mistakes…God doesn’t. We fail to understand, the action is really from some force besides God…what ever, God doesn’t make mistakes.

The church makes mistakes. The church of all varieties and persuasions is flawed. It reads the Bible and comes up with the wrong understanding or intention. It tries to help but is really helping itself. It hurts people. In short, the church makes mistakes. It will until we reach heaven and the church is fully aligned with God.

The disciples and all of us disciples who have followed, we all make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are big and impact the whole church. We can read about Disciples making mistakes and misunderstanding God in the book of Acts.

This week we are reading the about the disciples and particularly Stephen. Let me encourage you to read chapter 5, Did the Disciples Make a Mistake from our book by Lawrence Kala, The Story Continues.

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Now join the conversation around the following questions:

1. Discuss the similarities and differences of the two types of Jews in the Jerusalem church.

2. What was the misunderstanding between these two groups?

3. How did the apostles react to this situation?

4. Describe Stephen. What do you admire about him?

5. Give a summary of Stephen’s sermon. Why did it trigger his death?

6. So, did the apostles make a mistake? What issues are involved?

7. Discuss the ministry and achievements of Philip.

8. What did Martin Luther say about the priesthood of all believers?

9. How did early Methodism deal with these issues?

10. What additional thoughts or ideas from this chapter would you like to explore?

Kalas, J Ellsworth (2016-04-19). The Story Continues: The Acts of the Apostles for Today (Kindle Locations 1640-1641). Abingdon Press. Kindle Edition.

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