So what? – Hebrews 13

Sometimes I wonder if it really matters. I may wonder about mundane stuff – cleaning floors, cooking dinner, doing yard work. Sometimes I wonder about bigger things – you help someone or listen to them or give them advice and nothing really changes. Sometimes you do a really big favor, really do something that is good and it all turns out wrong and as a problem. So what? Why bother? Does anything really matter?

The same can be said for a life of faith. What difference does believing in Jesus really make? The sun comes up on the wicked and the good. Bad stuff happens to good people and good stuff happens to the bad ones. So does following Christ really matter?

Notice, I changed from believing in to following. There’s a difference.  Jesus changed eternity and humanity’s relationship with God, but does that change my life, like now, today, tomorrow? Does it matter in any significant way?

What if I’m wrong? What if there is not salvation through Jesus the Christ? What if the Bible isn’t true and there is no God?

So what?

If it’s all a lie, I’d still follow Jesus. I’d still read the Bible and try to focus on God’s love, mercy and grace. It’s a good choice for structuring my life. It’s a good way to find and know purpose in life. It’s this belief, this following of Jesus that transforms me from a selfish, judgmental person into a person who sees my own faults and allows for the faults of others. It is through receiving God’s love, real or not, the perception of receiving God’s love, though I do not deserve it, that makes me able to love others.

Without that transformation, my life is pretty negative and my days are filled with scorn for the world.

Maybe your story or need is different. But it’s pretty likely, human beings are naturally self-focused and self-absorbed, without following the self-sacrificing-major-loving-forgiving-Jesus, it’s pretty likely you, like me, would just stay wrapped in yourself and filled with scorn.

So what? A meaningful life is what. And that’s a big “So what!”