Spring for the Soul

As human beings, we spend our time in the minute, swallowed up by the feelings and thoughts of this hour or day or week. We struggle to back up from anything far enough to see a bigger picture than our momentary thoughts, opinions or feelings. For us, one negative interaction wrecks a whole day. One bad experience can ruin the memory of a week or even a whole year. If it hurts, it can’t be good or even have good in it. If it makes us cry or feel sad then it has to be due to our own or someone else’s wrongful behavior. We seek to offer shame and blame for every negative thing in the world. We bury completely, the positive, the presence of God, the good and the happenstance in our own inability to think of the bigger picture.

Fortunately for us, God isn’t deterred by our short-sightedness. God isn’t repelled by our blame and shame game. God isn’t drawn only to our happy moments. How we are feeling or thinking or acting can’t, won’t ever, isn’t even remotely capable of changing our God’s steadfast love and presence, strength and support.

That is the real truth of Easter. That God, looked at all of creation and decided not only to join us, but to die and be resurrected so that in all places and times and circumstances God is present with us. Jesus the Christ, within your happy and sad, good and bad, positive and negative. Jesus present when you can tell he’s there and when you are utterly convinced you have been abandoned.

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit…not subject to our feelings or thoughts. Instead, willing to love us while we are yet sinners. And that’s a real Spring for the soul!!!

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