The Story Continues…The Acts of the Apostles

At the very beginning of our faith, the Christian population numbered a few thousand, measuring only one percent of the world population. Today a single mega-church can boast a comparable number, and together, Christians now number more than two billion people.

It all began with this little body of believers who knew a secret that needed to be shared. How did they do it? And what can we learn from them?

Join us in worship as we consider best-selling author and beloved pastor, J. Ellsworth Kalas’ exploration of the book of Acts. During this series we will attempt to uncover the ministry motivations of the first followers—ordinary people who accomplished the extraordinary and who can serve as a guide for today’s believers to carry on. Because the work is not done. The story continues…

This series begins May 1 and will end June 26. You can read and study along. The book is available online click here. Genesis class will be studying the book. There will be an online discussion as well. Join us!