Then & Now…Hebrews 12

Running a race to win…it’s really not something I’ve ever done. For starters, I have never been a runner. I’m just slow. And then there is this problem of not being very competitive. Fortunately for me and some of ya’ll too, Hebrews isn’t really talking about “running” or “winning”.

Following Jesus sounds way easier than it is. It sounds like you just say your following, get a t-shirt, listen to a song or too, maybe even buy a Bible and your set. If you listen to the media, it appears you mainly just scream your opinions at others and that makes you a follower of Jesus. But none of this is very true or complete.

Following Jesus is compared in Hebrews to running the race to win because to run a winning race takes a clear focus on the finish line. You get it in your head where you are going and you head in that direction without letting anything distract you. To follow Jesus, is to become like Jesus. To prepare for that race we need first to be able to see the finish line. To know Jesus enough to imitate him means you have to read the Bible, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You read about Jesus and pray for God to show you what that means in your life. Then you come to church and work alongside others who are racing toward Jesus.

This week, we’ll be talking about how to get the focus clear and to run the race…what is sin and why do bad things happen. Join us on Sunday or feel free to email me with your thoughts, questions and comments…