What’s the Least I Can Believe

Our new worship series begins July 3 with casual attire, old-fashioned singing and a great series for everyone. We’ll be looking at things you don’t have to believe as a Christian and then we’ll turn to some things you do have to believe. Ever wondered about evolution, taking the Bible literally, women preachers…well, we’re going to talk about every one of those topics and more.

Here’s the book synopsis…you can get the book from Amazon.com

Pastor and author Martin Thielen has compiled a list of ten things people need to believe, and ten things they don’t, in order to be a Christian. This lively and engaging book will be a help to seekers as well as a comfort to believers who may find themselves questioning some of the assumptions they grew up with. With an accessible, storytelling style that’s grounded in solid biblical scholarship, Thielen shows how Christians don’t need to believe that sinners will be “left behind” to burn in hell or that it’s heresy to believe in evolution. And while we must always take the Bible seriously, we don’t always have to take it literally.
At the same time, Christians do need to believe in Jesus—his life, his teachings, his death and resurrection, and his vision for the world. A great benefit of those beliefs is that they provide promising answers to life’s most profound questions, including: Where is God? What matters most? What brings fulfillment? What about suffering? Is there hope? Thielen articulates centrist, mainline Christianity in a way that’s fresh and easy to understand, and offers authentic Christian insights that speak to our deepest needs.

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