Artist’s interpretation of Enon UMC in its early years

Contemporary Methodism had its beginnings very early in the 18th century as concerned Anglican church members formed informal meeting groups or clubs to discuss their differences with the Church of England. The early movement was led by John and Charles Wesley who served as preachers in both England and the new America. By 1775 the new Hanover Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church was established on both sides of the James River. By 1835, Enon Methodist Episcopal Church held its first services at the Salem Presbyterian Church, built on land gifted by John Haw. About 1837, John Haw donated land to the Methodists and the first church, named Enon, was built. In 2022, Enon United Methodist Church celebrated its 185th Anniversary. The historic Church is noted today for its many years of service and the cemetery dedicated to soldiers of both the south and north who died at the Battle of Hawes Shop in 1864 and are buried in the small cemetery.